Things to Look Out for Before Buying Pads

by Ishitaa Sachdeva on September 29, 2020

What is your flow like?

Pads are available in many variants and sizes for your convenience. Picking a too small pad will lead to leakages and staining, whereas selecting a larger pad can cause discomfort.

Choosing the pad according to your flow and duration of usage is the best option. You may even try using different varieties if your flow varies throughout your period days. Towards the end, consider using a panty liner for minimal discomfort and zero risks of staining.

Are you sensitive to getting rashes?

In some women with sensitive skin, synthetic materials with inadequate moisture-absorbing properties can cause rashes and vulvar irritation.

If you are susceptible to getting rashes during your period, try an organic cotton pad with minimal artificial irritants. Other solutions include using a thinner pad without wings.

However, if none of these remedies are working for you, an internal period product like tampons or menstrual cups may be a better alternative.

Are you worried about the health risks of using synthetic products?

Pads contain chemical bleaches such as dioxin and absorbent material like cellulose gels, which can pose health and fertility risks.

At the very least, they make you more prone to irritation, itching, and yeast infections. The use of cellulose gel has often been linked to cancer.

If you are worried about this and want to switch to a natural alternative without causing inconvenience, use cotton and bamboo pads with no synthetic toxins.

How do you plan to dispose of the used sanitary pads?

The government has laid out certain guidelines for sanitary pads’ safer disposal, which are classified as a bio-hazard waste.

While most women just throw away used pads in the bin, this can lead to health and hygiene issues for waste workers whose jobs entail that they must sort this trash and incinerate it at high temperatures.

If incineration is an impractical option, try purchasing pads with reusable disposal bags for your used pads’ safe and healthy disposal with the least environmental footprint.

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