Protect, Prevent and Care

by Ishitaa Sachdeva on March 23, 2020

With the overpowering infections and viruses on the rise, one must not forget to take Care of all the Preventive measures which can Protect us from catching these diseases. Undoubtedly these diseases are hampering our health and in fact are leading many infected ones to death.

We, a country of more than 1.33 billion people are still unaware of the basic hygiene practices which should be practiced by all to fight the weakest to strongest of diseases. Alas, we fail to do so.

Clearly, we are negligent and avoid taking preventive measures. 

Many of us are still underestimating the power air borne infections and germs as we are unaware of the devastating consequences. However, being part of the ever evolving world, we shall be educated enough that diseases are communicable and can spread from one person to another. It is just not taking care of our own self, but also caring for others, as each life counts.

Rise in infections and viruses are dangerous but lack of sanitation and hygiene practices are equally dangerous. Ignoring the minor bits can also have a huge impact on our lives. 

We all should take responsibility for our lives and follow the simple practices which can lead to overall well being of the people. And should not wait for an outbreak every time to teach us the basic hygiene practices. 

Raho Safe is here with the motto to help each and everyone out there to take their proper care, educate them with correct preventive measures and to help them stay protected throughout any condition. 

Prevention, Protection and Care are three simple rules which can help anyone to stay miles away from encountering any kind of disease, infection or virus.