Multi-surface Protectant: All Rounder Household Cleaning

by Ishitaa Sachdeva on April 13, 2020
We often get caught in the vicious cycle of cleaning everything to then washing our hands to then cleaning an object that wasn't sanitized before and then going back to washing our hands again. Sound familiar? 
Cleaning Lady Animation by Bernadetta Pastuszka for ITMAGINATION

There is an easier way out of this without losing your mind. 

Raho Safe Multipurpose Surface Protectant is the perfect solution for disinfecting hard and soft surfaces in your house or any other place you frequent. 

What's fascinating about this spray apart from the fact that it kills 99.9% germs is that it's made with an antibacterial agent that prevents growth of bacteria on that particular sprayed surface. 

This lasts SEVEN DAYS! 

You've just got to spray it every 7 days and you're good to go. The paranoia in you can rest for a week before the alarm goes off again. 
According to a medically reviewed article on Insider, the virus that is currently responsible for the pandemic can live on:

Surface Life Span
Cardboard 24 Hours
Stainless Steel 72 Hours
Copper 4 Hours

Other coronaviruses can live on metal, glass surfaces and plastic for upto 4-5 DAYS and can persist upto 9 DAYS depending on the temperature. 
Soft surfaces like cotton and wool contain a larger amount of bacteria than fabrics such as silk or synthetic fibres. 
Towels which you use on a daily basis also become breeding ground for the bacteria as dead skin cells and moisture from the body is absorbed on a towel. 
Smart products such as the Multipurpose Surface Protectant help in situations when you've to disinfect your entire house. 

Virus or not, sanitizing and disinfecting is a good habit to instill and an important take away from the current situation. 

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