5 Personal Hygiene Mistakes that we all do on a regular basis

by Divyansh Mehta on December 09, 2020

The rules of hygiene and self-care aren't that difficult, though; we tend to do some things wrong. Mistakes will value us not only beauty but relatively health.

  • Covering your mouth with hand when you cough or sneeze
  • When we cover the mouth with our hands at the time we cough or sneeze, we make it easier for the germs to get on our faces. The results are outbursts, reddening, and different, and not-so-delightful. It's extremely harmful with infectious diseases caused by rubbing your eyes with your hand, which may cause a protective fold infection.

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  • Value of hand dryer
  • We don't snap a dryer with our hands, it's just an associated-level vision of cleanliness. Electric dryers are not hygienic; they get a lot of microorganisms and release them with airflow, and they can get into one's lungs, skin, or body. Paper towels are extra economical and cleaner than hand dryers.

  • Using hot water to wash your hands
  • Some researchers say that water heat does not affect the killing of germs. The time spent cleaning your hands is more necessary in this case: in five seconds, you wouldn't clean something, but in thirty seconds, you'll kill all the bacteria on your hands. By regularly cleaning your hands with hot water, you may also decrease your skin's protective function, irritation, or eczema also may use Raho Safe hand care essential.

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  • Chopping meat and vegetables on the same board
  • The cutting board includes 200 times more bacteria than the living room seat, which is why it's not safe to chop food on it. Once the raw meat has been chopped, the board is contaminated with many well-spread bacteria for food poisoning. The plan should be to use two completely separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables and opt for glass boards over wood.

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  • Keeping your phone in your handbag
  • Your handbag may be a nice and clean place where your object is protected from the enclosed environment, but this is often not true. It's more important to keep your phone in your pocket and place it in your case. It gets less contaminated with germs. However, a mobile phone is ten times dirtier than a toilet seat. It's better to wipe your phone with a wet wipe every day.

    Personal hygiene is how you look after your body and overall health. This applies to bathing, washing your hands, brushing your teeth and more.


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